Friday, September 19, 2008


Toad is a good guy.Toad is like a mushroom.Toad is small. Toad has so much color red yellow so much more.


griffdog said...

Dear Bruen5,
We have some bad and good news involving Club Penguin Global Academy. The bad news is its shutting down. The good news is I'm opening a new blog called Club Penguin Neighborhood! Since you were a member of CPGA, we are inviting you to join the CPN team and wondering if we're alowed to advertise your blog on CPN. Do you except? Please comment back on this page:
-Frostylittle Former President of CPGA and now President of CPN

griffdog said...

Dear Bruen5,
You and ten other penguins involved some how in CPN are invited for a Summer Eviction game that will take part this summer. Once a week, I will give each of the ten penguins a challenge. (usually some thing involving CP) Than, the one penguin that doesn't complete the challenge at all or perfoms poorly will be evicted. For this competition to work, you'll probably need an email or blog,(which you have) so I'll have proof for the challenges. I'll be hosting the competetion, and it will be called Neighborhood Survival. It would be an honor for you to join. Do you want to join?
-Frostylittle, President of CPN

P.S. Don't worry if you going on vacation for a week or so, I'll make sure your safe!

Hedgehog 14 said...

why dont you have luigi on there???